Prairies and Plains is a bibliographic file that lists as many titles as we could identify having to do with the Prairies-Plains region of the United States. The file is available without charge to any interested reader.

The region here called Prairies and Plains is identical with that usually called the Great Plains, as identified and described in Encyclopedia of the Great Plains and elsewhere. We think that Prairies and Plains is an appropriate term for the region that stretches from the Missouri River to the Rocky Mountain foothills, and from the toe of Texas to the Canadian Shield. For a more complete description, see About.

At present, the Prairies and Plains file has entries for books, Web sites, and periodicals. For a description of records, an account of the total number of records and other information about the file, see Technical Details.

Prairies and Plains may be searched at Basic and Advanced levels, browsed by author, title, and table of contents(see Search). Entries may be printed or downloaded to readers' computers without charge.

Any reader who would like to help by adding new records, advising about file structure, or writing annotations is invited to apply (see Contribute).

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